Art & Culture

The Highland region has an enormously rich and varied artistic and cultural dimension. The landscape has inspired Poets, Painters, Musicians and artists of all kinds since the earliest days of human habitation. From the earliest Neolithic inhabitants to the present day the tradition of artistic enterprise continues. Jewellery designers draw upon the remnants of prehistoric life to influence 21st century designs; musicians weave the mystery and atmospheric ambience into their compositions; painters capture the climate; poets evoke the triumphs and tragedies of its history.

The living culture

Just as the Highlanders were renowned in battle for their fierceness, so the modern day residents might sometimes be said to be "fiercely sociable". Don't expect to come to a dance here and be a wallflower! Walk into any pub and you'll as often as not find a couple of fiddlers trying to outdo each other in a corner. Here, people make the time to pass the time of day, a quick errand to the shop can take you all morning if you aren't careful!

At the heart of Highland culture is the Gaelic language, undergoing a modern resurgence and visible everywhere. Art and music in all forms are especially inspired and driven by the wild landscapes, the sometimes harsh conditions, the always spectacular visual impact of every corner turned. An extraordinary range from the ultra-traditional to the ultra modern that embraces events such as the National Mod, Scotland's premier Gaelic festival, alongside Rock Ness, from Jacobite fortress to Hollywood movie location.