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Welcome to fishing in Fort William If you are a visitor to the area we would like to wish you 'tight lines' during your stay and hope that you enjoy some excellent fishing in some of the most picturesque countryside in the Highlands of Scotland. We have made every effort to ensure that this guide to fishing will provide clear and informative details on the fishing that is available as well as informarion on where to go for permits, boat hire and tackle hire. All details are as accurate as we can make them at the time of printing and we cannot accept any liability for loss or inconvenience caused by any changes made without our knowledge.

Seasons of Fishing

The season for brown trout fishing is from 15th March to 6th October. Salmon and sea trout fishing seasons vary and depend on the location and permit restrictions so please check with the relevant issuer. There is no closed season for pike fishing in lochs or on rainbow trout in stocked lochs or fisheries. There is no closed season for fishing in sea lochs (lochs which open to the sea) for species of sea fish only but not including migratory fish such as salmon and sea trout.

Fishing and the Law

(Information extracted from the Lochaber District Salmon Fishery Board advisory leaflet)
You are breaking the law at present if you:

  • Fish with more than one rod at a time.
  • Leave any rod unattended with baited hook in the water (this is known as a "set line" and is illegal in Scotland.
  • Obstruct or misinform a water bailiff.
  • Sell rod-caught salmon or sea trout.
  • Disturb or injure spawning redds or fry or spawn (salmon).
  • Fish for salmon or sea trout without legal right or written permission - even in the sea up to 1.5km from the shore.
  • Fish for or take salmon or sea trout on a Sunday - even in the sea.
  • Use illegal monofilament or gill nets to take salmon or sea trout.

If you break these laws you may have your equipment, boats and/or vehicles confiscated and you risk prosecution, If in any doubt or if you require any more assistance with information please contact the Fisheries Director on 01631 720100 or 07748 444355.

Water Bailiffs

In Scotland there are Water Bailiffs. These bailiffs are members of the public who are issued with warrant cards by the local Fisheries Board. They have the authority to check persons who appear to be fishing illegally, fishing out of season or who may be infringing fishing rights and they have powers to report any such person to the Procurator Fiscal. In general it is best to take note of friendly advice given by bailiffs and if you are asked to leave an area of fishing for a valid reason then it is best to do so. However, if you feel that you have been unfairly treated or have any reason to complain about any water bailiff then please contact the Director of the Fisheries Board. Email:

River Nevis

Salmon, Sea Trout

The River Nevis is a spate river which flows for about 7 miles through Glen Nevis and exits at Loch Linnhe. It is the main river fishing in the town for day permits and fishing is with worm or flies only. Since a catch and release policy is in force, all salmon and sea trout must be returned to the water alive. The fishing for salmon and sea trout is in the river below the lower falls at Achriabhach and there are no brown trout to be found in that part of the river. Day permits and more information available from: The Rod & Gun Shop, Fort William Tel. 01397 702656 or at the shop in Glen Nevis campsite, Tel. 01397702191.

River Oich (Aberchalder)

Salmon, Brown Trout.

Day permits available:

The upper stretch of the River Oich from Bridge of Oich for about 2.5 miles down river. This stretch of the River Oich has recently produced some good spring salmon. The permit also covers Brown Trout fishing on Loch Oich

Permits available from:

Miss Ellice, Taigh-an-Lianach, Aberchalder, Invergarry, The Estate Assistant. Tel. 01809 501 373

River Oich (Giendoe)


Lower stretch of the River Oich including the mouth at Fort Augustus ** Salmon approximately 3.5 miles with many named pools of which a few can be fished with fly although it is really regarded as a mainly spinning stretch of the river.
Usually booked in advance but some day fishing may now be available at short notice.

Permits and bookings from:

Jonathan Carslaw, Glendoe Estate. Tel. 01320366308.

Strontian Angling Club Water

Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout.

Good value spate liver Salmon fishing on the River Strontian and River Polloch. Day or weekly permits available.
Permits from:

Strontian Village Post Office or Store.

River Moriston

Salmon, Brown Trout.

Very good Salmon fishing on this river which feeds into Loch Ness. Day tickets are available but pre-booking is advisable as most dates are booked well in advance. Fly fishing and spinning permitted.

Permits from:

Glenmoriston Lodge Estate. Tel. 01320 351 300.

Upper River Garry

Salmon, Brown Trout.

Fishing on the upper River Garry for Salmon and Sea Trout as well as some excellent Brown Trout. Normally reserved for hotel guests only but day permits may be available.

Permits from:

Tomdoun Hotel, Invergarry. TeL 01809 511 218.
Fish Morvern-

River Aline, Loeh Arlenas

Experienced guide/ghillie, fly fishing instruction, casting instruction, tackle hire, hill loch expeditions, and sea fishing trips. River Aline, Loch Arienas and Doire na Marst as well as 15 hill lochs.

Contact: Jim Bolton on 07743 894 199. Website

Rivers Closed to Day Fishing

The following rivers in the area are not open to day permit fishing: River Spean, River Roy, River Garry, River Lochy. The River Lochy is very exclusive fishing on a weekly basis only and no longer offers any day permit fishing. The town beat (the tail race) and the Sluggan beat at the Lochy Caravan Park are only available to local angling clubs. We have no contact phone number for the River Lochy fishing and cannot supply any information regarding bookings or restrictions. Any enquiries should be directed to the River Lochy Association.

Trout Fishing in Rivers

In the past we have done our best to advise visitors about fishing for wild brown trout in local rivers but due complaints from some river owners about what we quote from the law in Scotland and how it could be misinterpreted we feel we are no longer able to do so. Some river owners feel that, even though there is a provision in the law for trout fishing in rivers, it is not acceptable and do not wish to allow it in case of any accidental damage to salmon smolts. Any queries about this should be directed to the director of the fisheries board.

Information should be obtained from the Director of the Fisheries Board.


Deeply-embedded single hooks can be safely removed by the loch side. The technique is simple, effective and painless. Loop a length of fishing line, or string, round the shank of the fly, just above where the point has entered the flesh. Press down, hard on the eye of the fly, and, while doing so, jerk the loop back and slightly up and away from the angle of the hook's entry. The fly pops out without leaving a mark.

A.B.ML 17/2/03

Loch Lochy

Brown Trout, Ferox Trout, Rainbow Trout, Pike.

About 12 miles north of Fort William on A82. There is no permit required for fishing on Loch Lochy. Traditionally a good loch for wild Brown Trout but escaped Rainbow Trout can also be found in the loch as well as good sized Pike. Any legal method of fishing is allowed but spinning is favored from the shore while fly fishing is better from the boat. Trolling from the boat is most successful for large Brown Trout and Ferox Trout up to 20lb in weight.

Boats are available for hire.

Tel: 01397 712 257.

Loch Arkaig

Brown Trout, Ferox Trout, Char, Pike.

About 15 miles from Fort William on the B8004/5. Loch Arkaig provides excellent Brown Trout fishing especially with the fly and is also one of Scotland's premier lochs for large Ferox Trout and Char which are regularly caught trolling. Some decent sized pike can also be found especially at the top end of the loch. Spinning and fly fishing are allowed but live worms, maggots, artificial power bait and live minnows are not permitted and there is a strict bag limit of three fish. Fishing is by permit only for day, week or season. There are no boats available for hire but a permit for launching own boat can be obtained. The permit also covers fishing on Loch Blair, a hill loch above Loch Arkaig.

Permits can be obtained at the Rod & Gun Shop, 18 High Street, Fort William Tel. 01397 702 656 or at a permit box located at the forestry
houses at Clunes, Achnacarry or are available from: Bidwells Property Consultants. Tel: 01397 702 433.

River Arkaig

Fly fishing only

Fishing is available on the upper part of the river for three rods per day. Please note that from 2010 all permit fishing on the river Arkaig will finish on 31st July.

Permits available only from:

Bidwells, Carn Dearg House, North Road, Fort William. Tel: 01397 70 2433.

Loch Lundavra

Brown Trout.

About 6 miles from Fort William Loch Lundavra is a hill loch which provides excellent natural wild Brown Trout fishing. Fish are on average 1/2 to 3/4lb in weight and are plentiful in number. This loch is very picturesque and easily accessible making it ideal for less able persons and beginners. The permit for fishing is obtained from the farmhouse beside the loch.

Permits and boats from:

Mrs MacCallum, Lundavra Farm Tel. 01397 702 582

Loch Treig

Brown Trout, Pike.

Off the A86 to Laggan Loch Treig is fairly remote and accessible only by a single track road which ends about 1/4 mile before the dam at the north end. There are no boats and no boat launching facilities. The southern end of the loch, which provides better fishing, can be accessed by toot from Corrour railway station as can Loch Ossian.


 Lagganl Dam

Fishing for brown trout and pike on the old river spean above laggan Dam when the water is low enough to be accessible.

Permits from:

Ian Maclachlan, Roy Bridge Hotel, Tel: 01397 712 236

Loch Cluanie

Brown Trout, Ferox, Pike.

Bank fishing only, no boats available.

Permits from:

Glenmoriston Estate Office. Tel. 01320 357 300.

Loch Poulary

Brown Trout.

Very good Brown Trout fishing by fly only. Boat fishing only. Smaller fish on average as can be expected from a typical hill loch.
Permits from:

Tomdoun Hotel, Invergarry. Tel: 01809 511 218.

Loch Quoich

Brown Trout, Char, Ferox.

Boat fishing only, no shore fishing allowed. Trolling with lures is allowed and is very successful for larger trout and specimen Ferox.
Boats and permits from:

Tomdoun Hotel, Invergarry. Tel. 01809 511 218.

Loch Garry

Brown Trout, Char, Ferox, Pike.

A very good loch for larger fish especially by trolling but also with the fly. Boat fishing only.
Boats and permits from:

Tomdoun Hotel, Invergarry. Tel. 01809 511 218. Ardochy Lodge. Tel. 01809 511 232

Loch Inchlaggan

Brown Trout, Char, Ferox.

Also the possibility of the occasional Salmon. This loch is fly fishing only and boat fishing only.
Permits from:

Tomdoun Hotel, Invergarry. Tel: 01809 511 218.

Loch Loyne

Pike, Brown Trout.

Mainly Pike fishing on this loch but there are still some Brown Trout to be found. Loch Loyne is highly regarded by Pike fishers but care should be taken around the bank due to the soft peaty nature of the shore.

Permits from:

Glenmoriston Estate Office. Tel: 01320 357 300. Tomdoun Hotel, Invergarry. Tel: 01809 511 218

Loch Oich and Loch Lundie

Brown Trout.

Bank fishing only at the loch from the mouth of the River ** and fishing on Loch Lundie which is a hill loch above Invergarry.

Permits from:

Miss Elice, Taigh-an-Lianach, Aberchalder. Estate Assistant. Tel. 01809 501 373.

G1enmoriston Hill Lochs

Brown Trout.

Excellent fly fishing on a multitude of 21 small hill lochs above Glen Moriston which are easily accessed..
Permits from:

Glenmoriston Lodge Estate. Tel. 01320 351 300.

Loch Morar

Brown Trout, Salmon, Sea Trout, Ferox, Char.

Impressive loch (the deepest in Britain) which currently provides great Brown Trout fishing. Occasional Salmon and Sea Trout can be expected. This is mainly a boat fishing loch and permit only.

Permits from:

Mr. V. De Fresnes. Tel: 01687 462 388.

Boats available from: Loch Morar Boat Hire. Tel: 01687 462 520. Morar Hotel. Tel: 01687 462 346.

Moidart Hill Lochs

Brown Trout.

Excellent Brown Trout fishing on 30 lochs in the Moidart hills. Most of these lochs hold numbers of fish. For details regarding permission to fish or any permits please contact:

Kinlochmoidart House. Tel: 01967 431 609.

Ardnamurchan Peninsula

Loch Mudle and Loch Mhadaidh

Brown Trout.

Wild Brown Trout fishing on two lochs, sea fishing and accompanied hill walking catered for.
Appointments, accommodation and permits from:

Nick Peake, 'Sethean Mhar' ,Achnaha. Tel: 01972 510 212.

Loch Shiel

Brown Trout, Salmon, Sea Trout.

Good Brown Trout fishing with occasional Salmon and Sea Trout. Loch Shiel is a boat fishing only loch allowing fly, dapping and trolling. A good loch to fish later season especially with the fly and by dapping for both Sea Trout and Brown Trout.

Boats and permits from:

D. MacAulay, Dalilea Farm, Acharacle. Tel: 01967 431 253. Mrs Duncan, LangalFarm. Tel: 01769 431 229.

Loch Eilt

Brown Trout, Sea Trout, Salmon.

Once one of Europe's finest Sea Trout lochs Loch Eilt now fishes mainly for good Brown Trout and is boat fishing only. Excellent catches can be made by dapping in the late season around August and September.

Details from:

Colin Clarke. Tel: 01687 470 327.

Loch Ness Fishing

Fishing for Everyone on Loch Ness

Fish for Ferox, Brown Trout, Sea Trout and Salmon whilst enjoying the magnificent scenery of Loch Ness. Beginners, families and experienced anglers of all ages and abilities catered for with advice and instruction freely given. No bank fishing. Private trips last from 2hours to all day. All tackle provided. Based in Drumnadrochit which is about 1 hour drive from Fort William.


Bruce Wynne, Drumnadrochit. Tel:  01456 450 279. Mobile: 07831 372 229. Email: 

Loch Dollet

Brown Trout.

Hill loch near above Strontian on the A86l from Lochailart.
Permits from:

Strontian Village Post Office or Store.

Badenoch Angling Association

Brown Trout.

Trout fishing on the River Spey, Spey Dam, Loch Laggan and Loch Ericht.
Boats and permits from:

Mains Hotel, Newtonmore. Tel: 01540 673 206.

Inversanda Lochs

Brown Trout.

Small group of lochs 7 miles south of Ardgour on B8043 just off the A861 Typical Highland hill loch fishing for natural wild Brown Trout best fished with small flies late season.

Permits and details from:

Ardgour Hotel. Tel: 01855 841 225.

Pike Fishing

There is excellent pike fishing to be had in the Lochaber area on the larger lochs such as Loch Lochy, Loch Arkaig, Loch Garry and Loch Oich. These lochs have all produced fish over 20lb in weight. Most fishing is from the bank with dead bait and specialist tackle but there are areas where plugs and lures can be spun especially around the reeds and shallow areas at either end of the lochs. In most cases fishing is free such as Loch Lochy but a permit is required on Loch Arkaig and is available from Bidwells, High Street, Fort William, Tel: 01397 702 433. Frozen bait and tackle is available from The Rod & Gun Shop, High Street, Fort William

Sea Fishing

In recent years the fishing in the sea around the coast and in the sea lochs has improved substantially with good catches of Pollack, Cod, Mackerel, Saithe and large Skate being reported as well as large Thornbacks, Conger Eel and Wrasse. One local angler reported no less than 18 species bagged in one year.

Game fish such as Sea Trout can be found, sometimes in large numbers, and can be fished for in season.

In the Lochaber area most of the sea fishing will be done in the sea lochs from the shore in which case heavy tackle is not necessary. Ledgering bait is the favorite method with Mussel, Mackerel strip and Peeler Crab being very effective. When the Mackerel are shoaling spinning silver sprat type lures is the most popular method as it is for the Sea Trout but it should be noted that fishing in the mouths of rivers should be avoided since these usually come within the areas covered by Salmon rights.

The best locations on Loch Linnhe are at Corpach pier, the West End Car Park and particularly at Conan Ferry where the loch narrows considerably.

Supplies of frozen sea bait can be obtained at the Rod & Gun Shop.

At Loch Sunart, en route to the Ardnamurchan peninsula, excellent sea fishing can be found both from the shore and boat with very good catches being reported. Off the coast at Ardnamurchan itself large specimens of Skate and Conger Eel can be expected in fact the British record for rod caught Skate is held here as well as records for a few other species.

Ardnamurchan Charters
(Holders of the British record rod caught Skate)

Sea loch and sea fishing by charter boat with skipper. Available for parties up to 12 persons, day fishing or longer hips if desired. Also, boat hire on Loch Sunart with 16' boats plus outboard available.

Details from:

Ardnamurchan Charters. Tel:  01972 500 208.

Mallaig - MFV Grimsay Isle CY64

30 toot traditional Scots fishing vessel skippered by Ewen Nicholson and sailing out of Mallaig. Ideal for parties and excellent sea fishing.

Tel: 01687 462 652.

MV. Lady Gail
Fort William

A new fishing charter boat based in Corpach basin at Fort William. Licensed for 12 people and with tackle available the skipper can take you to the best fishing available in Loch Linnhe.

Skipper owner - Angus Mann.

Tel: 01397 701 567. Mobile: 07747 680 498. Website: 

Stocked Fisheries

There are several stocked Rainbow Trout fisheries in the Lochaber area offering easily accessible and reasonably priced fishing. For the newcomer to the art of fly fishing they present the ideal opportunity to learn the basic skills with tackle hire and even tuition available at some sites. The experienced angler will not be disappointed either with good sport to be had in these lochans (small lakes) which are mostly situated in very picturesque locations.

Torlundy Trout

Rainbow Trout

Situated 3 miles from Fort William off the A82 (turn left off main road at Camisky) Torlundy Trout provides first class Rainbow Trout fishing on 4 stocked lochans. Fly fishing only with tackle available for hire as well as instruction if required.

For more details contact:

Torlundy Trout, Torlundy Farm, Tornacharich, Fort William Tel: 01397 703 015.

Lochuanagan Trout Fishery

Rainbow, Blue and Brown Trout

Fly fishing for quality rainbow, blue and brown trout on natural 24 acre highland loch 1 mile west of Fort Augustus. Open Mon. - Sat. (all day). Boats provided.

Bookings contact:

Lochuanagan Trout Fishery (can be found off the road on the approach to Fort Augustus).
Tel: 01320 366 555.

Achnabobane Trout Fishery

Now stocked with brown trout

Approximately 8 miles north of Fort William on the A82 this is a new stocked fishery opening for the season of 2000. Located in a very scenic area of the Great Glen it consists of two pools stocked with good quality Rainbow Trout for fly fishing only. Tackle hire is planned to be available and permits are available for 4, 6 and 8 hour sessions.

Permits and more information from:

Mr A. MacGregor, Achnabobane, Tel: 01397 712 565.

Hospital Lochan (Glencoe)

 Rainbow Trout

Stocked with Rainbow Trout of about 3/41b on average fishing is from the bank with fly or spinner. Special access for wheelchair and an adapted boat are both available.

Permits from:

Scorry Breac Guest House, Tel: 01855 811 354. Glencoe Camp Shop, Tel: 01855 811 397. Tourist Information Centre, Ballachulish. Tel. 01855 811866

Highland Activities
Ardverikie House

Outdoor activities for all including quad biking, 4x4 driving, clay pigeon shooting, paintball, white water rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, archery and more. Full on an off road scenic tour with quad bike, test your driving skills with a 4x4 on purpose built off road circuit (no driving license required) 25 or 50 bird clay shooting and the ultimate team challenge of paint ball with all equipment supplied and mountain biking with fully guided and instructed trips around world championship trails. Tel. 0845 0945 513 or email: or go to

The Sea Explorer

Coast and wildlife tours

Scenic and wildlife trips on Loch Linnhe and Loch Leven on the Sea Explorer. Longer trips to the Sound of Mull and also available for private charters the Sea Explorer is moored at the Isles of Glencoe marina and departs from Fort William pier for one and two hour trips. Tel: 07729 937 242 or call at Fired Art Cafe, Fort William.

Billy Neil - Fishing Guide

A fishing guide with boat hire available and tackle provided if required. A first class service from an experienced local angler on several lochs in the Lochaber area including Loch Arkaig, Loch Lochy, Loch Morar and Loch Shiel. Tel: 01397 712 476. Mobile: 07917 529 341